Egyptian Court Sentences 2 Al-Jazeera Employees to Death

U.S. Sets Stage for Libya-Like Regime Change in Eritrea, “Africa’s Cuba” The United States is methodically setting the stage for a so-called “humanitarian” military intervention against the small northeast African nation of Eritrea, under legal pretexts much like those used to justify NATO’s war of regime change against Libya, in 2011. Mohamed Morsi: Former Egyptian […]

Orlando gunman killa 50

America’s most deadly mass shooter, 29, called 911 to pledge allegiance to ISIS before shooting dead 50 in Orlando gay nightclub as his father reveals ‘he got angry when he saw men kiss’ Orlando gunman known to FBI shows difficulty of ‘lone wolf’ cases Orlando: Vigils held after US’ deadliest shooting Vigils held across the […]

Obama’s Stupid Propaganda Stuff

CNN’s ‘Courageous’ Advertorial Mill CNN has announced the formation of a new unit that will not report the news. Instead, it will take money from corporations to produce content that resembles news but is actually PR designed to burnish its clients’ images. Obama’s Stupid Propaganda Stuff Just last month, President Obama dispatched Secretary of State […]