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August 30, 2005 News

Sunnis reject Iraq’s new constitution Iraqi negotiators finished the new constitution Sunday and referred it to the voters but without the endorsement of Sunni Arabs, a major setback for the U.S. strategy to lure Sunnis away from the insurgency and hasten the day U.S. troops can go home ¤ Katrina death toll ‘rises to 80′ […]

August 29, 2005 News

¤ Oil, Blood and the Future ¤ Iraqi Activist Taken Up by Bush Recants Her Views Robertson’s Not Alone in his Dislike of Chavez Sometimes even the slickest public relations effort doesn’t improve a person’s or an institution’s image. Think of the U.S. State Department’s $15 million “Shared Values” ad campaign, which tried to assuage […]

August 28, 2005 News

¤ Oil pipeline attacked south of Baghdad ¤ Troops told to stand aside as Shia factions grip Iraqi city ¤ Katrina Packing Wind of Nearly 175 Mph ¤ India offers $50 mn plan to Karzai ¤ Drone crashes in Iran ¤ Journalism is in terrible trouble … a large amount of it is repetitive garbage’ […]