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October 31, 2005 News

The Zuma plot is thickening By now it must be very clear that only the most apolitical among us, unless they are also very dumb from their neck upwards, will doubt that the matter of former deputy president Jacob Zuma is a politically-loaded conspiracy. In the nature of all political conspiracy theories, it gets very […]

October 30, 2005 News

Katrina, Conservative Myth-Making and the Media During the flooding of New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, many a voice praised the media for its supposedly aggressive coverage. The fact that Anderson Cooper cried on camera, or that Geraldo evinced outrage (imagine that), or that even Fox’s Shepard Smith waxed indignant at the suffering […]

October 29, 2005 News

¤ Iraq car bomb kills 25 northeast of Baghdad ¤ 3 New Delhi Explosions Kill at Least 58 ¤ A Formidable Hawk Goes Down ¤ Bush’s Imploding Presidency ¤ The 2,000 Dead Aren’t The Only Victims Indicting America The indictment of I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby by Special Prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald provides the most cogent […]