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November 29, 2005 News

Bush the Dupe? The president is of course not the most intelligent man to ever occupy the Oval Office. In debates or news conferences, in any unrehearsed unscripted situation, he is inarticulate, repetitious, incoherent, unfocused, lost, fourth-grade, apparently brain-fried. He famously avoids reading newspapers, has a poor memory for details, is unable to grasp nuance, […]

November 28, 2005 News

¤ Politicians’ Silence on Iraq Speaks Volumes ¤ The Challenge and the Fear of Becoming Enlightened ¤ Fascism Then. Fascism Now? Bush’s Burgeoning Body Count About six weeks ago, at the urging of fellow TomDispatch author Rebecca Solnit, I undertook the beginnings of an on-line memorial to the Fallen Legion of the Bush administration. It […]

November 27, 2005 News

The leak that revealed Bush’s deep obsession with al-Jazeera The US president planned to bomb the Qatar-based channel – that was the remarkable claim made in a top-secret memo. Why is the world’s most powerful man so worried about a TV station? To burn children by phosphorus – this is civilized The Pentagon recognized that […]