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December 30, 2005 News

¤ Who Owns the Internet 2006? America’s Tomorrow Throughout human history certain patterns continue repeating themselves over and over again, becoming, if careful attention is paid to study them, a direct harbinger to what tomorrow’s cultures and societies will be like. The inevitability of what a future generation’s destiny will become is oftentimes discernable from […]

December 29, 2005 News

¤ Uranium suspected in Iraq merc’s death ¤ America’s Tomorrow ¤ Detectives draw up new brief in hunt for radicals ¤ Strange Twists in the Padilla Case ¤ Iraqis Pummeled at the Pumps Why Isn’t Saddam Being Tried For Genocide? Through the years, we have become accustomed to hearing so many allegations against Saddam Hussein […]

December 28, 2005 News

Colombian confirms plan to assassinate Chavez Former Venezuelan soldiers plotted against the government of Hugo Chavez at a Colombian military building, according to the Colombian president. Alvaro Uribe made the disclosure on Saturday at Santa Marta in Colombia, where he is meeting President Chavez, and after analysing documents furnished by the Venezuelan leader. ¤ Morales […]