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January 31, 2006 News

Al-Qaeda Propagandizes For Bush On Eve Of State of the Union Hot on the heels of Osama bin Laden’s latest release, an audio tape that boosted George W. Bush’s poll numbers despite it being described as a probable fake by bin Laden expert Professor Bruce Lawrence, Ayman al-Zawahri has popped up on the eve of […]

January 30, 2006 News

Mexico suggests GIs aided pot smugglers Mexico’s top diplomat suggested Thursday that American soldiers disguised as Mexican troops may have been in the military-style Humvee filmed earlier this week protecting a marijuana shipment on the border. ¤ Bombs, attacks kill 20 Iraqis ¤ Exxon profit tops $10 billion, capping record year ¤ Dell to Hire […]

January 29, 2006 News

¤ Big freeze arrives in southern Europe Russia ‘makes second arrest’ over British spy scandal The Foreign Office was last night making urgent diplomatic checks after it was reported that a fresh arrest has been made in Russia of a person accused of spying for Britain. ¤ Saddam trial falls into chaos as it resumes […]