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April 29, 2006 News

¤ US admits Iraq is terror ’cause’ ¤ U.S.: FBI Sought Info Without Court OK ¤ U.S. prepares to face U.N. on torture as Amnesty report blasts ‘war crimes’ ¤ Generals trying to stop new fiasco ¤ How Much is the War in Iraq Costing? ¤ Mad Cow ¤ Bush Is Beyond Repair ¤ Is […]

April 26, 2006 News

Crisis building in White House over Iraq war A week ago, it was the generals. Now it’s the colonels and majors and captains. Moreover, these officers are in uniform and have none of the security from retribution of the generals who had all already retired. In a front-page story Sunday, The New York Times described […]

April 21, 2006 News

Bush Is Becoming An Increasingly Dangerous President Now, in early 2006, Bush has continued to sink lower in his public approval ratings, as the result of a series of events that have sapped the public of confidence in its President, and for which he is directly responsible. This Administration goes through scandals like a compulsive […]