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May 25, 2006 News

China says US is scaremongering China has said that a report from the Pentagon that “exaggerates” its military strength betrays ulterior motives on the part of the US. A report published by the Pentagon this week struck a worried tone over what it described as China’s rapid military build-up and said that this posed a […]

May 24, 2006 News

Easily Dispensable: Iraq’s Children If, as I would like to believe, the above quote suggests all children and not merely those born in Western democracies, I am no longer certain that we live in a civilized society. That women and children suffer the most during times of war is not a new phenomenon. It is […]

May 23, 2006 News

The Unholy Union Behind the War on Terror The web lit up last week with stories about how the New York Times, and the Bush Administration, had information in the summer of 2001 that specifically foretold of an impending, spectacular attack by al Qaeda “perhaps to be visited on the continental United States”–information which both […]