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July 31, 2006 News

¤ How can ‘terrorism’ be condemned while war crimes go without rebuke? ¤ White flags, not a legitimate target ¤ How can the violence be stopped? ¤ ‘How can we stand by and allow this to go on?’ ¤ The world has to stop this slaughter ¤ Is the US Encouraging Israel to Attack Syria? […]

100 (Plus) Years of Regime Change

100 (Plus) Years of Regime Change George Bush is just the last of a long, long line by Robert Sherrill Review of – Overthrow: America’s Century of Regime Change From Hawaii to Iraq By Stephen Kinzer George Bush and Dick Cheney may get your vote as the worst, the dumbest, the most venal, and the […]

July 29, 2006 News

¤ Just What America’s Delusional Democracy Needs ¤ Belief and Betrayal: The New Jahiliyyah ¤ India could make 50 warheads under nuclear deal with Bush ¤ Former Haitian Prime Minister Yvon Neptune is Freed ¤ How Much Longer? ¤ Kill ‘Em All, Let God Sort Us Out ¤ Israeli bombs kill 13 in Lebanon ¤ […]