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September 28, 2006 News

¤ What Bush fears most is a man who utters what nobody dared to say The only reason Chavez goes to the United Nations, and keeps a staff of Venezuelan diplomats representing the country, is to have a voice to the world and officially to be part of the “international community.” In the past, it […]

September 26, 2006 News

¤ President Hologram ¤ The United States of Barbarism ¤ Rice calls for sanctions against Syria ¤ We Have No Friends In Iraq ¤ Exit Polls, Media Literacy and American Propaganda ¤ The “Newsweek Cover” Story ¤ Power crimes ¤ Human Rights Watch still denying Lebanon the right to defend itself ¤ Chemicals Within Us […]

September 25, 2006 News

¤ White House admits Iraq fuels extremism ¤ Cloak of secrecy hides abuse in Afghanistan ¤ Why Pakistan Gets A Nuclear Pass ¤ ‘Threats’ to Venezuelan minister provoke war of words with US ¤ Venezuela rejects US apologies ¤ The Most Dangerous Place in the World? ¤ Human Rights Watch: Still Missing the Point ¤ […]