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The Execution of Saddam Hussein

Remember that this execution was carried out by a U.S. installed government in Iraq while the U.S. is also occupying Iraq. The U.S. illegally invaded Iraq and killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. Simply put, Saddam Hussein was executed by the U.S. government no matter how they try to spin it. –Ayinde ¤ Saddam was […]

December 27, News 2006

¤ Former US president Gerald Ford dies at 93 ¤ Hundreds burned alive in Lagos pipeline fire ¤ What has long been a catastrophic tragedy is also now a horrific farce ¤ Slavery in the UK ¤ Islamic threats follow Ethiopian troop advancement in Somalia ¤ No more troops for Afghanistan, says Belgian minister ¤ […]

December 29, News 2006

Saddam Hussein ‘executed in Iraq’ Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has been executed by hanging at an unspecified location, reports say. Iraqi TV said the execution took place just before 0600 local time (0300GMT). It was witnessed by a doctor, lawyer and officials. It was also filmed. ¤ Why Somalia war unsettles the world ¤ […]