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January 31, 2007 News

Russia warns North Korea over nukes ‘threat’ North Korea’s nuclear weapons capability threatens Russian interests, Moscow’s chief negotiator at international talks with Pyongyang said Wednesday, warning the country against carrying out another military test. Jihad In Trinidad Al-Qaida is suspected of having set up a front in the Caribbean island state of Trinidad, and sympathetic […]

January 30, 2007 News

Congress Can Stop Iraq War, Experts Tell Lawmakers Don’t Be Fooled by Bush’s Defection: His Cures Are Another Form of Denial The president’s avowed conversion on climate change is illusory. He is just drumming up new business for his chums Specter: Bush not sole ‘decision-maker’ “I would suggest respectfully to the president that he is […]

January 29, 2007 News

Israel is the real winner of America’s War on Iraq and Iran (If attacked) US studies Israel’s cluster bomb use in Lebanon “Israel may have violated agreements with Washington on the use of US-made cluster bombs in its war with Hizbullah in Lebanon last summer, the state department said today.” “Tough action from the US […]