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Lift Sanctions on Zimbabwe -SADC

Lift Sanctions on Zimbabwe -SADC Chavez: Takeover of 16 Estates for Land Reform Sixteen landed estates will be expropriated for Venezuela’s land reform program, announced President Hugo Chavez yesterday, during his television program Alo Presidente. The total area of land that will thus become available for redistribution to peasants and agricultural cooperatives will exceed 330,000 […]

Africa Summit Calls for End to Sanctions

Africa Summit Calls for End to Sanctions African leaders agreed that President Thabo Mbeki should facilitate dialogue between the government and opposition political parties in Zimbabwe amid calls from Western leaders for strong actions to be taken against President Mugabe and the government of Zimbabwe. The Southern African Development Community (SADC) also called for western […]

British pawns in an Iranian game

Brit ‘Hostage’ Drama Pales in Comparison to MI6 and CIA Crimes Against Iran Perhaps we’d get some perspective if we realized MI6 and the CIA plotted against the democratically elected government of Mohammad Mossadegh in 1953. “If there had not been a military coup, there would not have been 25 years of the Shah’s brutal […]