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War Is a Government Program

Rice’s #2 at the State Department To what degree do neoconservatives and militarists control U.S. foreign policy? And how much influence do the less ideological figures like former National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice have over President Bush? Those were questions continually debated by foreign policy observers during last three years of the first Bush administration. […]

Getting Away with Murder

Venezuela & Chávez Getting Away with Murder This war will wind down when the oil distribution law, or whatever they call it, is signed. It was all about the oil, from day one (really from before day one). Once it is passed by the Iraqi Government that we set up for just this very reason, […]

In Iraq, Every Day Is Memorial Day

A Day on the Bush Chain Gang The Paranoid and the Dead Japanese minister commits suicide Car bomb kills at least 21 in Baghdad Inside Nahr el-Bared Inside Nahr el-Bared, exclusive images Hamas, Mickey Mouse and other horror stories Bush Pens Dictatorship Directive, Few Notice It is hardly surprising not a single corporate newspaper reported […]