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The War Racket

Bush Administration Utterly Callous Toward Iraqi Refugees New definition of chutzpah: You send a country to hell, and then you refuse to assist the millions of people you have caused to suffer. The Bush Administration is showing the utmost callousness toward the more than two million Iraqis rendered nationless due to its misadventure. A recent […]

War Lies and the 2004 Election

Resistance on the rise In a rare moment of jubilation, thousands of Iraqis took to the streets in various parts of the country, waving Iraqi flags and firing in the air, to celebrate the win of their national team in the Asian Cup games. But even that moment turned sour when stray bullets killed two […]

Neocons Press Pakistan Endgame

A 21st century catastrophe Flood-ravaged Britain is suffering from a wholly new type of civil emergency, it is clear today: a disaster caused by 21st-century weather. This weather is different from anything that has gone before. The floods it has caused, which have left more than a third of a million people without drinking water, […]