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A Legacy of Legitimizing Torture

Al-Sadr suspends militia activity in Iraq Iraq: Divide et Impera A US-financed program to build a Sunni paramilitary Guardian organization in Iraq, and US proposals for a soft partition of the country, are the latest steps in a divide and rule strategy the US is pursuing to keep Iraqis fighting among themselves so they won’t […]

US Army Adds Farce to Abu Ghraib Shame

Zimbabwe: Let’s cut ties with Australia There comes a time in everyone’s life when one says enough is enough and that time has come for Zimbabwe to say to the Australian government let’s part ways and fight in the battlefield. There is no need to continue keeping up appearances when diplomatic ties between the two […]

Eyes Closed to History

An intensifying US campaign against Iran More War on the Horizon The Bush regime says it is going to designate part of Iran’s military — the Revolutionary Guards — a terrorist organization, whose bases and facilities Bush intends to bomb along with Iran’s nuclear energy sites. Three US aircraft carrier strike forces are deployed off […]