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The Presidential Propaganda Catapult

Petraeus lets slip the ugly truth of this war When historians look back on the past week in Washington, I suspect they will see it as a seminal moment. It was the moment when the president and his party recommitted themselves to an indefinite, decades-long Iraq occupation, and when the Iraq war was formally handed […]

The Blood on George Bush’s Hands

The Surge and the Al Qaeda Bunny Failing banks, toxic bonds and mortgage laundering Russia warns against military action in Iran Russia today joined the chorus of concern at the possibility of war in Iran while conflicts continued in Iraq and Afghanistan. At a news briefing in Moscow, the Russian foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, said: […]

When George Bush Smiles People Die

Invasion of Iraq was driven by oil, says Greenspan It is the death of history Bin Laden’s offer at least makes business sense Is “Terrorist Threat” to America Another Bush-Cheney Fabrication? In the most massive racial profiling since Japanese-Americans were herded into detention camps in World War II, the Bush administration after 9/11 required 80,000 […]