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Murdering Iranians

Iraq’s never-ending war All explanations are possible for the current fighting in Basra, the largest city in southern Iraq situated in an area which floats on massive oil riches. But the reality of the situation which tells volumes about what is happening is the fact that war, in the fullest sense of the word, has […]

US Draws On Its Dominion To Wreak Havoc In Iran

Rev. Jeremiah Wright Isn’t the Problem Maybe we really are doomed to elect John McCain, remain in Iraq forever and nuke Iran. Nations that forget history may not be doomed to repeat it, but those that never even recognize reality in the first place definitely are. Last week’s ridiculous uproar over Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s sermons […]

The Mortgage Mess and the Economic Meltdown

97 percent of US death toll came after ‘Mission Accomplished’ The Science of Terror Sometimes the science community, hiding behind the guise of empirical research, cannot see its own bias even while correctly analyzing a situation. The latter statement may seem contradictory, but given the manner in which it studies ‘terror’ and then applies those […]