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A Massacre of the World’s Poor

Carter accuses Rice of being untruthful over Hamas meeting Uruknet Cut Off From Google News Again! Gaza streets to be flooded with wastewater if fuel crisis continues Is Big Brother Hacking Into The Internet? Several believed dead in US air raids in Baghdad The World must Step in This morning, seven residents of the northern […]

Food – The Ultimate Weapon Of The Ruling Elite

Food – The Ultimate Weapon Of The Ruling Elite McNamara’s thinly veiled genocidal utterances took place over thirty years ago, echoing the wealthy and the privileged’s fear of the ‘great unwashed’ when ‘over-population’ was the buzzword. So not much has changed has it, we’re hearing the same, tired old messages being rolled out once again […]

Global Hunger, Corporate Greed

Health problems linked to chemical in plastic products The rise of the new energy world order Oil at US$110 a barrel. Gasoline at $3.35 (or more) per gallon. Diesel fuel at $4 per gallon. Independent truckers forced off the road. Home heating oil rising to unconscionable price levels. Jet fuel so expensive that three low-cost […]