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101 killed as gunmen rampage in India city

Dozens Reported Dead As Gunmen Run Amok in Mumbai n one of India’s worst terror attacks, gunmen ran amok in the wealthiest part of Mumbai tonight, killing dozens of people, blowing up cars, petrol stations, hospitals and luxury hotels and taking a number of foreign nationals hostage. More than 80 of people were reportedly killed […]

Presidents Kill People, Especially Bush

Chávez Supporters Win 17 out of 23 Venezuelan States, but Lose 3 Most Populous Hugo Chavez Allies Score Big Wins in Venezuela Elections Clinton-Obama détente: From top rival to top aide How India caught the world’s cold House prices are plummeting, credit markets have become frozen, business and consumer confidence are collapsing, the auto industry […]

Famine in Haiti Made In The U.S.A

Oil prices slump under 50 dollars per barrel Judge: Algerian prisoners held in Guantánamo must be freed New PBS series exposes Old Testament fairy tales Indian frigate sinks pirate ship off Somalia coast Pirates anchor hijacked supertanker off Somalia coast Somali pirates seize tanker carrying oil worth $100m Soros-Funded Democratic Idea Factory Becomes Obama Policy […]