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Hillary and Obama Nix Change in Honduras

Honduras Coup 2009 Obama: More Polished Than the Last Puppet Okay, so the United States of America has had a new puppet regime for six months now. I was never so much into giving Obama a “chance” and I think it’s way past time to call Obama and his supporters out, like we called Bush […]

Killing “Everything That Moves”

Honduras Coup 2009 This politicisation of swine flu is bad for our health What swine flu has come to signify, however, is a different story. From newspaper headlines earlier this year like ‘Killer pig flu threat to the UK’ to more recent ones such as ‘Health chief warns of new killer virus’, the narrative of […]

Chiquita in Latin America

Honduras Coup 2009 Who’s in Charge of US Foreign Policy? he current stand-off in Honduras, in which the coup government headed by Roberto Micheletti is refusing to allow the return of elected president Manuel Zelaya, is raising questions about who is in charge of US foreign policy for the hemisphere. Manhunt in Iraq: Israel Trains […]