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Obama and Perilous Delusions of Democracy

CIA-Trained Security Chiefs Elected to the Palestinian Leadership The U.S. government has been meddling in the Palestinian internal affairs since at least 2003. Its effort is to transform the Palestinian national movement for liberation and independence into a more compliant or quisling government, willing to accede to Israel’s political and security demands. Political and Economic […]

Barack Obama, Front Man for the ‘Man’

John Pilger: Empire, Obama, and the Last Taboo Video John Pilger argues that while liberals now celebrate America’s return to its “moral ideals”, they are silent on a venerable taboo. This is the true role of Americanism: an ideology distinguished by its myths and the denial that it exists. President Obama is its embodiment. Barack […]

When the Dead Have No Say

Honduras Coup 2009 Homepage US Natural Gas Consumption Seen Falling 2.6% In ’09 Under Pressure from Hawks, Obama Tacks to the Right South American Leaders Concerned Over Colombia-U.S. Military Plan South American presidents expressed deep concerns over a United States plan to increase its military presence in Colombia at a Union of South American Nations […]