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War, Racism and the Empire of Poverty

Iran’s Natural Gas Riches: US Knife to the Heart of World Future Energy Critics have long suspected that the real reason for US and other western military involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan is to control the Central Asian energy corridor. So far, the focus seems to be mainly on oil. For example, there have been […]

Billionaires and Mega-Corporations Behind Immense Land Grab in Africa

Fidel Castro TV Series Charts 638 Assassination Attempts The Threatening Dangers It is not an ideological issue related to the definitive hope that a better world is, and should be, possible. It is a known fact that the homo sapiens has existed for about 200 thousand years, which is no more than a tiny span […]

Is Obama Already a Lame Duck?

Stiglitz, Nobel Prize-Winning Economist, Says Federal Reserve System ‘Corrupt’ Ousted former Honduran leader to head Petrocaribe Ousted former Honduran President Manuel Zelaya is taking on a new role: leading an energy consortium allowing poor Caribbean and Central American nations to buy oil on preferential terms from Venezuela. Zelaya accepted the invitation from Venezuelan President Hugo […]