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Preparing Haiti for Exploitation and Plunder

Bill for Afghan War Could Run into the Trillions It’s Too Bad Keynes Didn’t Write in English Capitalism Without Capital Volatility is back and stocks have started zigzagging wildly again. This time the catalyst is Greece, but tomorrow it could be something else. The problem is there’s too much leverage in the system, and that’s […]

New Colonialism: Pentagon carves Africa into Military Zones

New Colonialism: Pentagon carves Africa into Military Zones “The U.S. is not dragging almost every nation in Africa into its military network because of altruism or concerns for the security of the continent’s people. AFRICOM’s function is that of every predatory military power: The threat and use of armed violence to gain economic and geopolitical […]

The Guantanamo Deception

Immigration debate shakes US to the core White House Says No New Offshore Drilling Until Investigation is Complete Oil Spill Reaches Mississippi River Gulf spill: Worse than Exxon Valdez? Some say environmental impact could surpass ’89 disaster Oil Leak in Gulf Worse Than Estimated… Leak Now Estimated at 5,000 Barrel Per Day; Total Cost Could […]