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U.S. Tomahawk Cruise Missiles Hit Targets in Libya

U.S. Tomahawk Cruise Missiles Hit Targets in Libya Allies launch Libya force as Gadhafi hits rebels U.S. stresses supporting role as air strikes start in Libya European governments “completely puzzled” about U.S. position on Libya ‘Middle East’/North Africa Protests — Egypt Defying U.S., Former Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide Returns Home Aristide arrives in Haiti, ending […]

Britain, France and US prepare for air strikes against Gaddafi

‘They’re leaving us to die’: Mayor of town near nuclear plant Scientists Project Path of Radiation Plume U.S. Officials Alarmed By Japanese Handling of Nuclear Crisis U.S. urges citizens within 80 km of Japan plant leave Shock Begins To Turn To Anger In Japan Radiation Found on NBC News Crew, Lester Holt Helicopters dump water […]

Gaddafi: Libya dignity under attack

Russian military reports airstrikes in Libya did not take place According to Al Jazeera and BBC, on February 21 Libyan government inflicted airstrikes on Benghazi – the country’s largest city – and on the capital Tripoli. However, the Russian military, monitoring the unrest via satellite from the very beginning, says nothing of the sort was […]