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The Costs of War

US House rejects Democrats’ debt limit plan US-backed forces launch military offensive in Somalia as aid is used as a weapon of war Six reasons why Americans don’t know a million Iraqis were killed in their name New moves to curb criticism of Israel in US and Canada Growing Evidence That Libyan Rebels Killed Their […]

The Threat of Fundamentalist Christian, Blonde, Blue-eyed Terrorists in Our Midst

Defiant from the dock, Breivik boasts more will die Al-Qaeda’s Christian mirror Imagine if Anders Behring Breivik, the 32-year-old pale, blond, blue-eyed, 100% Norwegian, gun-crazy ultra right-wing Christian fundamentalist responsible for the car bombing in Oslo and the meticulous targeted assassinations at the island of Utoya that killed 93 people, was a Muslim immigrant. Murdoch’s […]

Norway attacks: at least 91 killed in Oslo and Utøya island

At least 91 killed in Oslo and Utøya island 16 Die in Norway Shooting and Bombing Blast hits gov’t buildings in Oslo, Norway; shooter arrested… Oslo Explosion: 7 Dead as Pair of Blasts Rock Norway… More than 30 dead in double terrorist attack in Norway… VIDEO Police: Camp shooter also linked to Oslo bombing BBC: […]