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Can The World Survive Washington’s Hubris?

While Colorado Burns, Washington Fiddles Latin America: How the US Has Allied with the Forces of Reaction It was three years ago this week that the Honduran military launched an assault on the home of President Mel Zelaya, kidnapped him, and flew him out of the country. The Obama administration, according to its own conversations […]

Failure in Rio

Latin American nations refuse to recognize Paraguay’s new leader President ousted, Paraguay in turmoil Lacker says Fed stimulus won’t help US economy Panic in the New World Order Middle age unemployment rate unprecedented in modern US history Mexico: ‘Mistaken identity’ over Guzman drug arrest Egypt: End Game When a Woman Goes Out to Struggle Failure […]

Repressive Democracy

Repressive Democracy Into Africa America’s “war on terror” now has brought us deep into tropical Africa and the Sahel. We learned last week that Washington is engaged in an expansive project to hunt down an array of local “terrorists”, could-be “terrorists” and mayhem makers in general. Nearly all of the numerous groups cited are no […]