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Solitary confinement: Torture chambers for black revolutionaries

Solitary confinement: Torture chambers for black revolutionaries An estimated 80,000 men, women and even children are being held in solitary confinement on any given day in US prisons. Riots in Kenya after Somali Shabab member assassinated MOMBASA: Deadly riots broke out in Kenya’s main port of Mombasa on Monday after the assassination of a radical […]

Ecuador President Rafael “We Are Not A Colony”

South Africa Police Say They Killed 34 Miners Mine “bloodbath” shocks post-apartheid South Africa The police killing of 34 striking platinum miners in the bloodiest security operation since the end of white rule cut to the quick of South Africa’s psyche on Friday, with searching questions asked of its post-apartheid soul. Robert Fisk: Syria’s conflict […]

Diplomats blast ‘forced transfer’ of Palestinians

Mercenary? Venezuela Detains US Man at Border Crossing President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez says security forces have detained a US citizen under suspicion that he is a mercenary or foreign agent, and insinuated the man could be part of a possible future effort to destabilize the South American nation if the opposition’s candidate loses in […]