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Jordanians ‘suspicious’ about US military deployment

Jordanians ‘suspicious’ about US military deployment Microsoft wants to reveal US data queries MICROSOFT has joined Google in a legal push for permission to disclose more information about secret government requests for data, according to a US court filing. Senators accuse US of using ‘secret law’ to collect data Bipartisan group seeks answers from intelligence […]

Senate on verge of historic immigration vote

Senate on verge of historic immigration vote License-plate readers let police collect millions of records on drivers The paperback-size device, installed on the outside of police cars, can log thousands of license plates in an eight-hour patrol shift. Katz-Lacabe said it had photographed his two cars on 112 occasions, including one image from 2009 that […]

A New Beginning Without Washington’s Sanctimonious Mask

In 3 weeks, Snowden’s revelations have roiled the globe Edward Snowden, the former defense-contractor-turned-classified-document-leaker, has received most attention in the United States for revealing wide-ranging government snooping into phone and Internet records. But the activities Snowden has exposed are not limited to inside the United States. His leaks also have made waves in Hong Kong, […]