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The Hijacking of Mandela’s Legacy

The Hijacking of Mandela’s Legacy Beware of strangers bearing gifts. The “gift” is the ongoing, frantic canonization of Nelson Mandela. The “strangers” are the 0.0001 percent, that fraction of the global elite that’s really in control (media naturally included). Apartheid Amnesia How the GOP conveniently forgot about its role in propping up a white supremacist […]

This Is Nelson Mandela

U.S. Lionizes Mandela In Death … But Labeled Him a Terrorist While He Was Alive CIA Central In Mandela’s Arrest … Kept Him On Terrorist List Until 2008 Six Things Nelson Mandela Believed That Most People Won’t Talk About This Is Nelson Mandela Video “Arafat is a comrade in arms, and we treat him as […]

More French troops deploy in CAR

More French troops deploy in Central African Republic The move came amid efforts to improve security in the Central African Republic with a United Nations Security Council vote this week on a French-drafted resolution aimed at strengthening a flagging African stabilisation force on the ground. A narcissistic US, an anxious Saudi Arabia and a hysterical […]