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Moment of truth for Syria

US withholding Fisa court orders on NSA bulk collection of Americans’ data Justice Department refuses to turn over ‘certain other’ documents in ACLU lawsuit meant to shed light on surveillance practices Google chief Schmidt ‘literally outraged’ by NSA activities In an interview with The Guardian published on Tuesday, Schmidt said he and other Google executives […]

Big money behind war

US will not enter bilateral no-spy agreement with Germany, says media Despite assurance from Barack Obama, United States has not ruled out bugging political leaders’ calls, claims German paper Russia may hit back at Saudi Arabia for Volgogard attacks Russian intelligence has now reportedly obtained solid proof that Saudi Arabia was directly involved in the […]

All in play in the New Great Game

NSA seeks to build quantum computer that could crack most types of encryption In room-size metal boxes ­secure against electromagnetic leaks, the National Security Agency is racing to build a computer that could break nearly every kind of encryption used to protect banking, medical, business and government records around the world. US spy court: NSA […]