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AFRICOM’s Secret Empire

AFRICOM’s Secret Empire: US Military Turns Africa Into ‘Laboratory’ Of Modern Warfare The U.S. military already plans to expand its massive military footprint in Africa and elsewhere to the tune of “several million dollars” a year and thousands of troops. China’s Xi Jinping says internet users must be free to speak their minds Even as […]

Amnesty report: ISIS armed with U.S. weapons

Amnesty report: ISIS armed with U.S. weapons By Zachary Cohen, CNN — December 9, 2015 A new report from a prominent human rights group has found that ISIS has built a substantial arsenal, including U.S.-made weapons obtained from the Iraqi army and Syrian opposition groups. ISIS show off TANKS and devastating hi-tech weapons looted from […]

Murder And Mayhem In The Middle East

U.S. First Shields Its Torturers and War Criminals From Prosecution, Now Officially Honors Them As vice president, Dick Cheney was a prime architect of the worldwide torture regime implemented by the U.S. government (which extended far beyond waterboarding), as well as the invasion and destruction of Iraq, which caused the deaths of at least 500,000 […]