The Politics of Food

Israel bans books, music and clothes from entering Gaza

Lifting the Hood – Iraq Video
November 2005 As the ‘hooded man’ in the infamous Abu Ghraib pictures, Haj Ali became an icon of everything that was wrong with the US occupation. He tells his story and we hear from other prisoner..

Distant voices, desperate lives
In the early 1960s, it was the Irish of Derry who would phone late at night, speaking in a single breath, spilling out stories of discrimination and injustice. Who listened to their truth until the violence began? Bengalis from what was then East Pakistan did much the same. Their urgent whispers described terrible state crimes that the news ignored, and they implored us reporters to “let the world know”. Palestinians speaking above the din of crowded rooms in Bethlehem and Beirut asked no more. For me, the most tenacious distant voices have been the Tamils of Sri Lanka, to whom we ought to have listened a very long time ago.

U.S. stirs a hornet’s nest in Pakistan
The Obama administration had threatened to stop $2 billion US annual cash payments to bankrupt Pakistan’s political and military leadership and block $6.5 billion future aid, unless Islamabad sent its soldiers into Pakistan’s turbulent NWFP along the Afghan frontier.
The result was a bloodbath: Some 1,000 “terrorists” killed (read: mostly civilians) and 1.2 million people — most of Swat’s population — made refugees.

Europe in deepest recession since War as Germany suffers

India’s ruling party wins resounding victory

Sri Lanka president declares victory in civil war

Why don’t we care about Sri Lanka?
Do we have favourites when it comes to civilian casualties? Do we care about some peoples’ suffering more than others? The contrasting levels of public concern and protest over the killing of innocent civilians in Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Gaza since the beginning of this year make the answer an emphatic ‘yes.’

Sri Lanka warned on ‘war crimes’

UN: Sri Lankan attack a ‘bloodbath’
The UN has described the alleged killing of hundreds of Sri Lankan civilians in the country’s offensive against the separatist Tamil Tigers as a “bloodbath”. The comments on Monday followed a weekend military attack on the last remaining stronghold of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam’s (LTTE), in the northeast, that is said to have killed at least 378 civilians.

‘Beam me up Barack’: Obama as Vulcan?

New flu cases climb among Japan high school students

Swine Flu Claims Life Of NYC Assistant Principal

US Drone Attack Kills 29 in North Waziristan

The Politics of Food Video
From industrial agriculture and human health to the recession’s impact on the way we eat, food and politics are not easily separated. In fact they never have been. As lines at food banks swell and restaurants close their doors what control do we have over the food we eat?

Even with Obama in Charge, Anti-War Democrats Powerless

Obama Picks Up Where Bush Left Off

Stealth Move by IMF to Get $100 Billion Without Congressional Debate

Critics CallObama’s Tribunals ‘Bush Lite’

The Impotent President
What do you suppose it is like to be elected president of the United States only to find that your power is restricted to the service of powerful interest groups? A president who does a good job for the ruling interest groups is paid off with remunerative corporate directorships, outrageous speaking fees, and a lucrative book contract. If he is young when he assumes office, like Bill Clinton and Obama, it means a long life of luxurious leisure.

Obama Continues Torture and Torture-related Murder in the Bogus War on Terror

Buyer’s Remorse: Is it too late to swap Obama for McCain?
Anyone who has ever wasted good money on a clunker only to drop the transmission 15 minutes after leaving the car-lot, knows the feeling. It’s like a swift-kick in the groin followed by weeks of fist-pounding rage. It’s called buyer’s remorse; “Gawd, I wish I hadn’t bought that piece of dogshite!” There are probably a lot of former-Obama supporters feeling that same agonizing sense despair now that President Rainbow has done an about-face on every campaign promise he made. So much for “truth in advertising”, eh? What a disaster. Did anyone know it was gonna be this bad?

“Cowboys” and Other Horrors of Empire, Version Obama 1.0

Caught in a Lie: US is Using White Phosphorus in Afghanistan as a Weapon

UK Government Lies Exposed; Spy Visited Binyam Mohamed In Morocco

What is Acknowledged and What Remains Unknown

Sad End to the Immigration Issue

The China Puzzle

Changing Obama’s Mindset

Tales of Murder and Torture Video

US drone attack kills 29 in North Waziristan

Villagers in Afghanistan Describe Chaos of U.S. Strikes

Record bombs dropped in Afghanistan in April

Panetta to CIA employees: We told Pelosi the truth

U.S. Special Forces Sent to Train Pakistanis

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