The Obama Dystopia Manipulation, propaganda, imagery & PR wizardry

Redefining Pakistan
Pakistan today finds itself very much at the centre of the world’s headlines, unfortunately though for almost entirely the wrong reasons. Just in the last few weeks alone we have witnessed an unprecedented level of turmoil in the country – the outrageous attacks on the police academy outside Lahore and on the Sri Lankan cricket team inside the city, the political theatrics of rule in Punjab, the Long March episode followed by the subsequent reappointment of the Chief Justice and the continued violation of sovereignty and killings via US drone attacks – indeed Pakistan as a nation is in grave turmoil.

Rumsfeld’s Pentagon Published Bible Verses on Top-Secret Intel Reports

Hamas: Obama’s remarks deceptive

Oil prices bounce above $60 in New York
Oil prices jumped to a six-month high above 60 dollars Tuesday on growing signs of economic recovery amid concerns about unrest in African crude producer Nigeria, traders said. New York’s main futures contract, light sweet crude for delivery in June, rallied to 60.48 dollars a barrel — a level last seen on November 10. The contract later stood at 59.90 dollars, up 87 cents from Monday’s close. Brent North Sea crude for July delivery touched a six-month high of 59.65 dollars a barrel before pulling back to 59.05 dollars, up 58 cents from Monday.

‘Tamil Tiger Leader’s Body Shown On Video’

Al Qaeda figure who provided link to Iraq reportedly dead in Libya

We tortured to justify war
The single most pertinent question that Dick Cheney is never asked — at least not by the admiring interviewers he has encountered so far — is whether he, Donald Rumsfeld and George W. Bush used torture to justify the illegal invasion of Iraq. As he tours television studios, radio stations and conservative think tanks, the former vice-president hopes to persuade America that only waterboarding kept us safe for seven years.
Yet evidence is mounting that under Cheney’s direction, “enhanced interrogation” was not used exclusively to prevent imminent acts of terror or collect actionable intelligence — the aims that he constantly emphasizes — but to invent evidence that would link al-Qaida with Saddam Hussein and connect the late Iraqi dictator to the 9/11 attacks.

Fossil find may be monkey, human ancestor

The Link? Primate Fossil Could Be Key Link in Evolution

Torture Is Not a New US Foreign Policy Tool
“We are going to smash your hands to pulp like the Chileans did to Victor Jara.” Those were the words of the torturers in a Uruguayan prison spoken to my friend Miguel Angel Estrella, a pianist from Argentina. They were referring to the fate of the imprisoned Chilean singer and guitarist Victor Jara, whose hands were destroyed so that he would never play the guitar again. Jara, a fervent opponent of the Pinochet regime, was brutally tortured and later machine-gunned to death after the coup that brought Pinochet to power in 1973.

Afghan was taken to Guantanamo aged 12-rights group

Cheney’s Speech Ignored Some Inconvenient Truths

Dollar hits new multimonth low vs euro, pound, yen

FBI, NYPD Arrest 4 in Alleged Plot to Bomb NY Synagogues

Shell on Trial: Oil Giant Faces Charges of Human Rights Abuses

The Greatest Swindle Ever Sold
On October 3rd, as the spreading economic meltdown threatened to topple financial behemoths like American International Group (AIG) and Bank of America and plunged global markets into freefall, the U.S. government responded with the largest bailout in American history. The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, better known as the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), authorized the use of $700 billion to stabilize the nation’s failing financial systems and restore the flow of credit in the economy.

IraqTortureGate: Powell Denies Knowing He Used Tortured Evidence for UN Case

The CIA’s Torture Untruths
If you’ve been reading the Washington DC-based press of late, you might have the impression that the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, is the mastermind of the US’s torture regime. DC reporters have been obsessing for over a month now on the manufactured controversy of whether Pelosi was briefed by the CIA on its use of torture against suspected members of al-Qaida.

Netanyahu: If Israel Doesn’t Take out Iranian “Threat”, No One Will

Nukes ‘Politically Retarded’, says Ahmadinejad

Bolivia denies supplying Iran with uranium

Armageddon Now?

The Next Leg Down

America’s Nightmare: The Obama Dystopia Manipulation, propaganda, imagery & PR wizardry
After 8 years of the Bush-Cheney nightmare during which we saw the wanton destruction of Afghanistan and Iraq, the cynical negation of centuries of Law designed to protect the most basic human rights and a foreign policy worthy of Genghis Khan, there came along the “Great Black Hope” in the persona of Barack Obama. The collective world consciousness turned uncritically to what was presented as a new era for peace, change and trust in Government. Never before had one witnessed such an accomplished use of manipulation, propaganda, imagery and public relations wizardry to sell the public a man who was to take the baton from Bush and run with it in the race to destroy the economy, the rights of the people and help birth a nation totally controlled by those who have always lurked in the shadows of power.

A Nation of Cowards, Pt. 2

Colin Powell Still World’s Biggest Asshole

“Peace is not Simply the Absence of Violence” A Lesson for Israel

Canadian TV rapped for Obama assassination joke

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