Apr 16, 2005 News

UN Trying to Carry Out Washington’s Agenda in Haiti
The recent posture of the United Nations appears to be one that is finally yielding to United States pressure to be more forceful and “aggressive” in its “disarmament” efforts.

¤ Cuba rejects UN rights resolution

Sharon: Kleptomania in Palestine to Continue
For more than fifty years the Palestinians have endured the duplicitous Zionists who have no intention of ever allowing them to form their own state. Ariel Sharon, the international war criminal-most notably for his actions resulting in the massacres at the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in Lebanon and more recently the Jenin refugee camp in the West Bank-has told the world from Bush’s fake ranch in Texas the Israelis have no intention of ever giving an inch to the Palestinians.

¤ One Zimbabwe or Another: An Interview with Greg Elich
¤ Paris hotel fire called accidental
¤ Africa deserve membership of the UN Security Council
¤ Declassified: Rogue State Britain
¤ Ramsey Clark says Saddam’s rights being violated
¤ At least 16 killed in Iraq attacks
¤ Free Speech…With Permission Only
¤ CAFTA will Further Depress US Wages
¤ Pope TV and the New World Media
¤ Is America Going Broke?

What I Didn’t See in Iraq
“Trust me when I tell you things are so much better in Iraq,” said one US military official to me on my recent visit to that war-ravaged country. I didn’t know whether to scream or pull the remaining two strands of hair out of my head. I was in Iraq as part of a delegation of eight members of Congress, led by House minority leader Nancy Pelosi. Everything we have been told about Iraq by the Bush Administration has either been an outright lie or overwhelmingly false. There were no weapons of mass destruction; we have not been greeted as liberators; and the cost in terms of blood and treasure has outpaced even their worst-case scenarios. Trust is something I cannot give to this Administration.

¤ Reports undercut Iraq, al-Qaeda link
¤ Emerging nations moving away from IMF, World Bank
¤ Illegal GM maize fear sparks EU ban on US animal feeds
¤ Iraqi insurgents turn up the heat

Panicked China reins in rioters as anti-Japanese protests spread
¤ An Unjust War
It would pay us all to remember that the war in Iraq was both unjust and illegal. We launched a war of aggression against a country that was not attacking us, did not have the means to attack us, and had never expressed any intention of attacking us.

¤ India’s bid for UNSC seat requires more discussion: Rice
¤ U.S. Stocks tumble as investors give up hope
¤ The Fall of Saigon 1975
¤ Battle in Chechen capital

Terrorists in power
The term “terrorism”, now from scientific point of view, is defined as an action to which are related all “acts of aggression committed in violation of the law by separate persons, groups as well as states against a person, including attempts on his religion, life, intellectual achievements, property and dignity. Any act of violence or threat of its use, directed at intimidation of people or threatening their lives and security also is an act of terrorism, the same as committing a murder or an act of violence”.

¤ Paris hotel blaze: death toll reaches 21
¤ Marburg fears in Zim
¤ How The CIA Looted $40 Billion Of Military Equipment From Iraq

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