Obama the impotent

UN Security Council calls for nuclear weapons states to disarm

G-20 opponents, police clash on Pittsburgh streets

Ahmadinejad offers talks on nuclear program

Venezuela’s Chavez Invites U.S. Labor Unions to ALBA, Invites Obama to “Peace dialogue”
During a meeting with U.S. labor union leaders in New York on Wednesday, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez invited the unionists to participate in the fair trade integration bloc known as the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas (ALBA), and he invited U.S. President Barack Obama to hold a “peace dialogue.”

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Speaks: An Interview With Katie Couric

The Mystique of ‘Free-Market Guy’ Obama
No matter what the facts are, some liberal activists and leaders persist in seeing President Obama as a principled progressive reformer who lives and breathes the campaign rhetoric about “change you can believe in.”
When he compromises, it’s not Obama’s fault – it’s the opposition. Retreat is never a sell-out but a shrewd tactic, part of some secret long-range strategy for triumphant reform.
He’s been in the White House eight months. It’s time for activists take a harder look at Obama. And a more assertive posture toward him.

Clinton, Speak Clearly Now to Avoid a Massacre in Honduras
This is an urgent plea to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: Immediately condemn the violence unleashed against the Honduran people by the de facto regime and take every peaceful measure possible to avoid a bloodbath in that country. The coup [government] has deployed the police and Armed Forces to the Brazilian Embassy and launched a violent attack on the thousands of protesters gathered there to support President Manuel Zelaya. The repression has resulted in scores of citizens wounded and taken prisoners, and unconfirmed reports of two dead.

Zelaya’s Return: Salvaging Democracy in Honduras Will Be Tricky

Venezuela’s Chavez Calls on Honduras Coup Government to Peacefully Hand over Power to Manuel Zelaya

Ousted president Zelaya returns to Honduras

Zelaya’s Return: Salvaging Democracy in Honduras Will Be Tricky

Spoiling Manuel Zelaya’s Homecoming

Obama the impotent
Much hope has been invested in Barack Obama’s ability to strike a new course for the US following eight years of Bush administration unpopularity. Yet many in the US and abroad are impatient with the pace of progress under the Obama administration. The president made the rounds on five news talkshows on Sunday as he pressed his policies and vision, preparing for what is likely to be a difficult week.

Saving the Obama Revolution

Devaluing journalists who dig for truth in war zone

The Drama and the Farce
“An American President who wants to undertake such a role must formulate a clear and detailed peace plan, with a strict timetable, and be prepared to invest all his resources and all his political capital in its realization. Among other things, he must be ready to confront, face to face, the powerful pro-Israel lobby.”

A New Path of Palestinian Resistance
Despite the continuing horrors visited upon Palestinians, their deep political divide, relentless Israeli settlement expansion and more, there are glimmers of hope in the Palestinian skies. What I am referring to here, are not external developments like ongoing U.S.-led efforts to rekindle Israeli-Palestinian peace talks or growing European impatience with Israeli occupation policies.

Our war-loving Foreign Policy Community hasn’t gone anywhere

Tehran dumps dollar for euro
Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has ordered the replacement of the US dollar by the euro in calculating the value of the country’s Oil Stabilisation Fund (OSF).

Obama Administration Shields CIA Torturers

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