Afghanistan: The Longest Lost War

Gaza Starves More Slowly
As Israel this week declared the “easing” of the four-year blockade of Gaza, an official explained the new guiding principle: “Civilian goods for civilian people.” The severe and apparently arbitrary restrictions on foodstuffs entering the enclave – coriander bad, cinnamon good – will finally end, we are told. Gaza’s 1.5 million inhabitants will have all the coriander they want.

Killing Civilians, Ducking Blame

Netanyahu Plays the Vuvuzela

Racism in the Courts

Distorting Chavez

Will the US Ever Get Latin America?

Speaker Pelosi, More War Funding Next Week Is No ‘Emergency’
Let us be perfectly clear, as President Obama might say. There is no “emergency” requiring the House to throw another $33 billion into our increasingly bloody and pointless occupation of Afghanistan before we all go off to celebrate the anniversary of our Declaration of Independence from foreign occupation.

Canada Flunks on Indigenous Rights, Protesters Say

West’s Afghan Debacle

Memo To Barack Obama: Don’t just change generals, change course.
Barack, Barack, Barack. Don’t just change generals, change course.
After changing generals you made a point of “reassuring” everyone that the policy remained the same. Why? All you are doing now is wasting lives, American lives and Afghan lives. And you are wasting wasting money — trillions of dollars — money we don’t have, money we have to borrow, money desperately needed by your own citizens, your own institutions, schools, hospitals, roads, bridges, jobs.

Pyongyang’s $65 trillion bill for US enmity

NASA Pinpoints Quake Induced Changes To Earth
Radar images show that an April earthquake near the Mexico-California border caused the Earth’s surface to move 31 inches downward and to the south.

NASA Radar Images Show How Mexico Quake Deformed Earth

5 Million Iraqis Killed, Maimed, Tortured, Displaced

Pakistan resolute on Iran gas deal
Defies US warning it could run afoul of new sanctions

Refs must face the music for bad calls

US, Israel Warships in Suez May Be Prelude to Faceoff with Iran

US killer executed by firing squad

Strong Support For Attack On Iran
Manufacturing Consent For Attack On Iran

BBC Interviews Chavez – Reporter Gets Stupid, Chavez Sets Him Straight

Live Video Feed of Endless Gush of Oil: A Damning Fountain of Truth

BP Boss Heckled Then ‘Stonewalls’ US Panel
BP head Tony Hayward was first heckled by a protester and then accused of “stonewalling” US lawmakers at a tense hearing investigating the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

US opposes ICC bid to make ‘aggression’ a crime under international law
The Obama administration has resisted efforts by the International Criminal Court to include ‘aggression’ as a crime, mainly because it could impact US military operations abroad.

New Bill Gives Obama ‘Kill Switch’ To Shut Down The Internet

Iran to retaliate if planes, ships inspected: speaker

Winter strikes with a vengeance in South Africa
Cape Town – Winter has struck with a vengeance in the Western Cape with some towns recording their first snow falls in almost 20 years.

“Dr. Doom Says the U.S. Is Really, Really Sick”

Gaza Blockade Illegal: International Committee of the Red Cross

Afghanistan Mineral Riches: Beware the Hype

FIFA will not Ban the Vuvuzela from the 2010 World Cup

Apple iPhone apps replicate the blaring horns
Ronaldo hits out at vuvuzelas
Vuvuzela tops noise league, seen threat to hearing

The Myth of Exclusive Monogamous Morality

Echoes of Vietnam: Washington’s False Promise in Afghanistan
One of the predominant rationales put forth by US civilian and military officials regarding the nature of the insurgency categorized as the Taliban in Afghanistan is that their support is derived from coercion. Pronouncements from these officials stating this belief as objective truth are obediently parroted in media reports and repeated by politicians.

Afghanistan: The Longest Lost War
Despite almost a decade of warfare, including an invasion and occupation, the US military and its allies and client state armed forces are losing the war in Afghanistan. Outside of the central districts of a few cities and the military fortresses, the Afghan national resistance forces, in all of their complex local, regional and national alliances, are in control, of territory, people and administration.

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