September 10, 2005 News

¤ U.S. Military Tube-Feeds 13 Hunger Strikers

Katrina evokes questions in Africa
Images of poor, black Americans homeless and in despair in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina are resonating in Africa, evoking pointed questions about racism and surprise that disasters can wreak havoc and leave refugees even in the prosperous United States. “So much for the land of liberty,” read one unsigned commentary Sunday in Nigeria’s This Day newspaper, adding that some televised images of Katrina’s victims in Louisiana “could actually be mistaken for Rwanda.”

¤ U.S. must examine its soul
¤ Soldiers, Cops Muzzle Reporters in Wake of Katrina
¤ Media barred from city’s dead zones
¥ They do not want true number of the dead being reported

Katrina Exposed Endemic Economic Inequality For Africans
If America could have prevented it right there and then, it could have. Sincerely, no reasonable human would have wished so much destruction on their own people. But that area belongs to the powerless who were caught in their entrenched economic realities. As we all cry and wonder, we must not miss the point. The economic realities did not just hit New Orleans, it was part of America before Hurricane Katrina hit. Those who could afford it got out of the way but some were simply helpless.

Army Kept Truth of GI’s Death From Family
The Army said Saturday it knew for more than a year after 1st Lt. Kenneth Ballard’s death in Iraq in May 2004 that he was not killed in action, as it initially reported. The family was not told the truth until Friday.

Where’s Osama?
It has now been four years since the largest foreign terrorist attack within the United States, and the war on terror, for all its expensive destruction and rebuilding overseas and attacks on civil liberties at home, has still failed to apprehend the presumed chief culprit behind 9/11. Bush is probably too preoccupied with the horrendous aftermath of Katrina – surely doing everything he can to deliver “millions of tons of food” to the victims – to worry about the loose ends from the last domestic catastrophe over which he presided. And yet, it seems a fair question to ask: Where’s Osama?

¤ Soldiers Try to Kill Afghan Minister

The new Ground Zero
beyond the destruction and human misery, something else is starting to become clear. Like the September 11 attacks on New York and Washington, whose fourth anniversary is this weekend, Hurricane Katrina is an event whose consequences will extend far beyond the physical, into the very mind of America.

¤ Security Contractors in Iraq Under Scrutiny After Shootings
¤ Flood survivors cuffed as evacuation begins
¤ Venezuela Challenges US On Anti-Drugs Program
¤ How the US Supplied Iran with Nuclear Know-How
¤ U.S. wants Iran on U.N. front burner
¤ Iran shrugs off UN threat
¤ Iran nuclear weapons ‘years away’
¤ No Proof Found of Iran Arms Program
¤ Iran Is Judged 10 Years From Nuclear Bomb

Afro-Americans, oil is more valuable than you!
“A point worth highlighting is this, in the US, you can find Afro-Americans, and you can find Native Americans, but for the whites you will not find Euro-Americans, ever wonder why that is? Logically if you think about the language, by attaching a suffix ‘American’ it creates the impression of, well, maybe your not a full member of this club, but we will attach ‘American’ to your group, to make you feel better; contrast that with the only group that doesn’t need the suffix ‘American’ to their racial identity, yes you’ve guessed it the Europeans, they apparently ‘belong’ as they are the true ‘Americans’ everybody else is there through their generosity, or should that be through their Slave trading?”

¤ Anti-Terror Strategy in Doubt on 9/11 Anniversary
¤ Sun Unleashes 5 Major Flares
¤ New Orleans tragedy: The 17th street levee was bombed
¤ US warplane bombs home
¤ Amtrack and Greyhound: Refused Transportation Services
¤ When the Press Comes Marching In
¤ Troops seize British-owned cattle ranch in Venezuela

‘Orange princess’ defects to Ukrainian opposition
Julia Tymoshenko’s supporters indicated that they no longer had faith in Mr Yushchenko after his decision to fire the government over allegations of corruption and infighting. Known as the “orange princess”because of her pivotal and glamorous role in the orange revolution, Ms Tymoshenko said her dismissal was “very unfair”.

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