>Looted Libyan treasure ‘in Egypt’

Into Darkest Africa
Wasted $1 trillion in the futile Iraq war? Being defeated by medieval Afghan tribesmen? Can’t pay your bills at home or abroad? Government paralyzed? Worried about China?
What’s the answer? Simple.
A new little war in Africa.
Having finished off former ally Muammar Gadaffi, the US Pentagon, CIA, and the new US Africa Command are now focusing on East Africa.

Understanding Tunisia’s Elections Results

The Butchering of Gaddafi Is America’s Crime

Libya’s turmoil, al-Qaida presence ‘no surprise,’ says White House

Weekend media reports showed al-Qaida’s flag flying in central Benghazi, and noted that Libyan anti-aircraft missiles had been purchased by terror groups, but White House spokesman Jay Carney said Monday the administration has not been surprised by news reports from Libya.

Looted Libyan treasure ‘in Egypt’
Libya’s National Transitional Council says it believes several hundred ancient coins stolen from a bank in Benghazi during the Libyan uprising have turned up in Egypt.

NATO says will not intervene in Syria
NATO ruled out the possibility of military intervention in Syria on Monday but said Damascus should draw lessons from Libya, where NATO-backed rebels won a civil war that resulted in the killing of long-serving leader Muammar Gaddafi.

Arab League hands Syria plan to end unrest
The Arab League committee gave its plan, involving talks in Cairo between the Syrian authorities and their opponents, to Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem and Bouthaina Shaaban, a political adviser to Assad, on Sunday in Qatar.

Syria gives no answer to Arab League initiative
Syria’s delegation left Doha on Monday without offering a response to a plan presented by an Arab League committee on ending the unrest in the country.

Libya: revolutionaries turn on each other as fears grow for law and order
Hundreds of revolutionaries fought each other at a hospital in Tripoli early on Monday, in the biggest armed clash between allies since the fall of Muammar Gaddafi.

Missing Libya Missiles: UN Calls On Libya, Neighbors to Find Weapons
A resolution calling on Libya and its neighbors to secure unguarded Libyan weapons stockpiles and prevent terrorists from acquiring them was unanimously adopted Monday by the 15 members of the United Nations Security Council.

Soldiers escorted Saadi into Niger

SAADI Gaddafi was smuggled into Niger by a team of ex-special forces soldiers from around the world, according to a former Australian soldier who claims to be the personal bodyguard of the former Libyan dictator’s son.

Palestine granted full Unesco membership – video
The UN cultural and educational agency Unesco has granted Palestine full membership in a move that Israel and the United States say could harm Middle East peace efforts. Delegates approved the membership by 107 votes to 14. ‘Long live Palestine!’ shouted one delegate, in French, at the meeting of Unesco’s general conference.

Over 150,000 attend Imran Khan’s rally
LAHORE: Pakistani cricket hero turned politician Imran Khan told a huge rally yesterday that his party would help US troops pull out from Afghanistan and bring militancy in the country to an end.

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