Iranian Scientist Killed in Third Assassination

Terrorists Kill Commerce Deputy of Iran’s Nuclear Enrichment Site
An Iranian university professor and deputy director at Natanz enrichment facility was killed in a terrorist bomb blast in a Northern Tehran neighborhood on Wednesday morning.

More murder of Iranian scientists: still terrorism?
Several days ago I referenced a controversy that arose in 2007 when the law professor and right-wing blogger Glenn “Instapundit” Reynolds criticized President Bush for not doing enough to stop Iran’s nuclear program and then advocated that the U.S. respond by murdering that nation’s religious leaders and nuclear scientists.

Iranian Scientist Killed in Third Assassination Targeting Nuclear Program
An Iranian nuclear scientist was killed in a Tehran bomb blast, state media reported, in at least the third assassination targeting the nation’s atomic program that the U.S. and Israel have vowed to halt.

Bomb kills Iran nuclear scientist as crisis mounts

US denies killing Iran nuclear scientist with magnetic bomb
‘Western powers and their allies appear to be relying on covert war tactics to try to delay and degrade Iran’s nuclear advancement,’ security expert says

‘IAEA leaked secret info to Iran enemy’
A senior lawmaker says assassination of Iranian scientist Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan proves that the confidential information provided to international bodies by Iran has been leaked to the country’s enemies.

Iran says Fordo uranium enrichment site runs under IAEA watch

China unbowed by US pressure over Iranian oil
US Treasury Secretary fails to persuade China to back sanctions against Iranian oil industry during talks in Beijing.

Iranian president arrives in Cuba; U.S. warns of ‘dangerous alliance’
Ahmadinejad’s Latin America tour seen as effort side-step international tensions and find new markets as the European Union considers an outright embargo on Iranian oil.

After Iran, Venezuela?
“The build-up against Venezuela that began during the George W. Bush administration has rapidly accelerated under Obama.”

War Plan Iran: The US Finally Admits Its Criminal Bankruptcy
Officially, America is now bankrupt: financially, economically, politically – and morally. Its criminal aggression towards Iran is just one of many parts of a jigsaw that add up to a clear and grotesque picture of what the United States of America now represents in the 21st Century world.

George Lucas: Hollywood Wouldn’t Back My Film About Tuskegee Airmen Due to All Black Cast
Star Wars creator George Lucas said Monday that Hollywood studios refused to back his new film Red Tails – about World War II’s Tuskegee Airmen – because the cast was all black.

Obama sending 5 US military officers to S. Sudan
President Barack Obama is sending five American military officers to South Sudan amid recent outbreaks of violence in the newly independent African nation.

Russia sends warship to Syria to prevent Libyan scenario
Russia has sent yet another warship to Syria in support of its leader Bashar al-Assad and to show of solidarity with this embattled leader.

UAE sends 12 more monitors to observe Syrian regime
The UAE has sent 12 more monitors to join the controversial Arab League observer mission in Syria.

Report: Eight killed in attack on pro-regime rally in Syria
At least eight people, including a Belgian reporter, were killed Wednesday when shells hit a pro-regime rally in the central Syrian province of Homs, Syrian Al Dunia Television reported.

Al-Assad blames ‘external conspiracies’ for Syrian violence

Deaths in Nigeria as tensions sharpen
Eight people killed in the north and an Islamic school burnt down in the south, as a fuel strike rattles the country.

US gave grant to Pakistani Muslim group which demonstrated in favor of governor’s killer

Afghan government accuses US of torture and false imprisonment

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