Pakistan defends Iran gas pipeline deal

Top Israeli official: Conflicting U.S. remarks hurt efforts to press Iran
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be in Washington, where he will discuss the issue with U.S. President Barack Obama.

Netanyahu will ask Obama to threaten Iran strike
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to publicly harden his line against Iran during a meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama in Washington on March 5, according to a senior Israeli official.

US Air Force prepared if diplomacy with Iran fails: general

Pakistan could face damaging consequences if it opts for IP gas pipeline: Clinton
WASHINGTON: The US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said that America has made it clear to Pakistan that if it goes ahead with the proposed Iran-Pakistan pipeline, it could face consequences as underlined in the Iran Sanctions Act.

U.S. Threatens Pakistan: Drop Iran Pipeline

Pakistan stands firm against US pressure
ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar, rejecting US threats of economic sanctions on promotion of economic ties between Pakistan and Iran, said on Thursday that the country would extend its cooperation with Iran in the field of energy.

Pakistan defends Iran gas pipeline deal
Pakistan will pursue a gas pipeline deal with Iran despite international pressure, Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar has said.

Israeli officials: Starve Iranians to stop nukes
West should adopt North Korean model vis-à-vis Tehran, hunger in Iran could prompt regime to ‘consider whether nuclear adventure is worthwhile’, Jerusalem official says

Another bogus argument for war with Iran
You know a case for war is weak when its advocates have to marshal blatant untruths in order to convince people that their advice should be followed. Exhibit A is today’s alarmist op-ed in the New York Times, in which former IDF general Amos Yadlin argues for a preventive strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities.

US Panel Passes Bill on Iran-Latin America Links
Manipulating Public Perceptions.

In search of the ‘Islamic menace’ in Bolivia
One US congresswoman is convinced that the Iranian government is a danger to Latin American countries such as Bolivia.

Hezbollah: Israeli attack on Iran would set Middle East ablaze
Deputy secretary-general of Hezbollah says Israel unaware of ‘the scale of consequences’ from a strike on Iran; stresses that Hezbollah fighters are now better equipped to retaliate against Israel than they were in 2006.

Behind the Deepening Crisis with Iran
…the Real Story Versus the Cover Story

Suicide bomber hits Pakistan militant base; 23 die

Syria to allow Red Cross to enter Homs

Most Syria rebels pull out of Baba Amro in Homs

Rebel ammo runs low as Syrian government presses attack
Commanders of the militia that’s fighting against the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad say they’re running low on ammunition here and won’t conduct any offensive operations until they find a way to resupply.

France, US arming Syrian rebels with anti-aircraft missiles – report

Saudi, Qatari plans to arm Syrian rebels risk overtaking cautious approach favored by U.S.

Libyan Gov’t to Give $100M to Syrian Rebels
The Libyan government — formerly Libya’s opposition forces — says it will give $100 million in food and medicine to Syria’s rebel forces.

Putin Denies ‘Special Relationship’ With Syria

Arab League chief says fuelling violence will not help Syria
Arab League chief Nabil Elaraby said on Thursday he was opposed to violence as a way to end the Syrian crisis after Gulf states called for arming the rebels seeking to oust President Bashar al-Assad.

Saudi Arabia May Be Tied to 9/11, 2 Ex-Senators Say
WASHINGTON — For more than a decade, questions have lingered about the possible role of the Saudi government in the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, even as the royal kingdom has made itself a crucial counterterrorism partner in the eyes of American diplomats.

Two American Soldiers Die in Shooting at Afghan Base

House GOP chairman looks to bar contractors, Afghans from guarding US bases in Afghanistan
The chairman of the House Armed Services Committee is intent on barring private security contractors and Afghans from guarding U.S. bases in Afghanistan, a move that could complicate President Barack Obama’s timetable for withdrawing American forces after more than a decade of war.

US security team attacked in Aden, no injuries—Pentagon
A Yemeni Islamist group linked to al Qaeda said on Friday it had attacked and killed a CIA officer in the southern province of Aden, but a Yemeni security official and the Pentagon said a U.S. security team had been attacked but suffered no injuries.

Suspected Islamists burn down seven Nigerian schools
Arsonists suspected to be members of Islamist sect Boko Haram have burned down seven schools in northeastern Nigeria the past few days, authorities said on Thursday, a new twist in the group’s increasingly violent insurgency.

North Korea agrees to suspend nuclear activities, US says
State department says North Korea will allow IAEA inspectors to confirm disablement of its nuclear reactor at Yongbyon

NKorea nuclear envoy to visit US on heels of deal
In another sign of warming relations between two wartime foes, a senior North Korean nuclear negotiator will attend a security conference in the United States, a U.S. official confirmed Thursday.

U.S. Court approves warrantless searches of cell phones
Police can search a cell phone for its number without having a warrant, a federal appeals court ruled on Wednesday.

Israel criticizes Palestinians’ invitation to Security Council to visit occupied territories
The Palestinians have invited the U.N. Security Council to visit the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem, a move Israel says is an attempt to try to divert attention from getting back to direct negotiations to settle the decades-old conflict.

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