Syria agrees to UN’s April 10 peace plan deadline

Syria agrees to UN’s April 10 peace plan deadline
Syria’s President Bashar Assad has agreed to an April 10 deadline to start implementing the peace plan proposed by Kofi Annan, the UN-Arab League envoy told the UN Security Council on Monday.

Imperialists use U.N. against government of Syria
The Syrian government agreed to accept the joint U.N.-Arab League-Kofi Annan plan for a ceasefire on March 27, according to Annan’s spokesperson. The former U.N. general secretary then demanded that Damascus “put its commitments into immediate effect.” (

UN team expected in Syria within 48 hours
Peacekeeping unit scheduled to arrive for ceasefire monitoring mission that would have 200 to 250 unarmed observers.

Obama gives green light for punishing sanctions on Iran
President Barack Obama has issued the green light for punishing new US economic sanctions directed at forcing the Iranian government to submit to Western pressure over its nuclear program by starving the country of oil revenues.

Israeli Experts Mum on Iran Attack to Support Bibi’s Bluff

A History Lesson: U.S. Intervention in Iran from 1953 through 2010
This video gives a basic overview of the history of the U.S. imperialist policies regarding Iran that began at the behest of the British Government and big oil interests including British Petroleum (later renamed BP).

Neighbors hit Mali junta with border shutdown
Mali’s neighbors agreed to shut their borders with the West African country on Monday as part of tough sanctions aimed at forcing the leaders of last month’s coup to step down.

IDF officials: Missile attack on Israel would produce less than 300 casualties

George Galloway: Why I won’t condemn attacks on UK soldiers in Afghanistan
George Galloway, interviewed after his sensational election victory to become MP for Bradford West, responds to the question, “Do you condemn those attacking British soldiers in Afghanistan?”

ICC rejects Palestinian bid to investigate Israeli war crimes during ‘Cast Lead’ Gaza operation
International Criminal Court in The Hague says reason for decision is that Palestine is currently recognized by the United Nations as an ‘observer,’ not a ‘Non-member State’.

In Yemen, lines blur as U.S. steps up airstrikes
As the pace quickens and U.S. targets expand, the distinction may be less clear between Al Qaeda militants and those fighting only to overthrow Yemen’s leaders.

…Drone strikes in Yemen soar as U.S. stokes ‘secret war’

Egypt Brotherhood under fire over president bid
The Muslim Brotherhood’s surprise decision to field a presidential candidate is stirring fears that the two biggest powers to emerge from the ouster of Hosni Mubarak — the Islamists and the military — are maneuvering to put in place a new rule in Egypt not much different from the old, authoritarian one.

Egypt’s Coptic Church withdraws from ‘futile’ Islamist-dominated panel drafting constitution
The state news agency MENA reported Monday that the church called its participation “futile” under the current makeup of the panel, dominated by Islamists.

Libya: What the Intervention Has Wrought
Libya’s current politics offer two lessons — ones we really shouldn’t have to learn yet again. First, military interventions that topple repressive regimes invariably offer occasions to observe, though at others’ expense, the law of unintended consequences. Second, the constituencies that clamor for such campaigns move quickly to other matters once those malign consequences become manifest.

US Mercenary “Took Part” in Gaddafi Killing; Sent to Assist Syrian opposition

The US is arming the Gulf. Against whom?

Chinese Insider Offers Rare Glimpse of U.S.-China Frictions
The senior leadership of the Chinese government increasingly views the competition between the United States and China as a zero-sum game, with China the likely long-range winner if the American economy and domestic political system continue to stumble, according to an influential Chinese policy analyst.

Police shooting of another African-American teen shocks US
The killing of another African-American teenager by police has shaken the US, as Americans were already angered over the earlier controversial murder of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin by a volunteer watch guard.

7.1 Million Americans are in the Prisons system…
America which is know as the freest country in the world has incarcerated more of it’s citizens than the rest of the world combined. 7.1 million Americans are either in prison, on probation or under correctional supervision. The numbers continue to climb each year as more prisons are built nationwide. News journalist Fareed Zakaria from CNN goes in depth to show viewers how much the American government as well as private corporations spend building prisons apposed to schools.

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