Economic Karma in Greece?

Children in US Warzones
The UN just released its annual report on “Children and Armed Conflict.” A number of states, as well as non-state actors, are highlighted in this report as engaged in the serious abuse of children in the course of an armed conflict. And, a number of the perpetrators are being aided and abetted by U.S. military aid, and have been for years. Moreover, some of the conflicts resulting in the worst abuse of children were in fact unleashed by military interventions of the United States.

Drone Me Down on the Killing Floor

Blowback, or Impossible Dilemmas of Declining Powers
Blowback is a term coined by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that originally meant the unintended negative consequences to a country of its own espionage operations. For example, if a secret CIA operation led to a revenge attack on U.S. individuals who were unaware of the CIA’s operation, this was considered “blowback.” But these days, many of the operations are not all that secret (for example, the U.S. use of drones in Pakistan or Yemen). And the “revenge” attacks are often publicly avowed. Nevertheless, countries don’t seem to cease engaging in such operations.

Murdoch pressured Blair to rush into Iraq war, says Campbell in diaries
Rupert Murdoch launched an “over-crude” campaign to force Tony Blair to speed up Britain’s entry into the Iraq war, according to the final volume of Alastair Campbell’s diaries.
Mr Blair’s former communications director accuses the media mogul of being part of a drive by American Republicans to drag Britain into the controversial war a week before the House of Commons even voted to approve the intervention in 2003.

Who Profits? Austerity, Greed & the Pain in Spain
Nobel Laureate economist Joseph Stiglitz characterizes the Spanish bank bailout as “voodoo economics” that is certain “to “fail.” New York Times economic analyst Andrew Ross Sorkin agrees: “By now it should be apparent that the bailout has failed—or at least on its way to failing.” And columnist and Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman bemoans that Europe (and the U.S.) “are repeating ancient mistakes” and asks, “why does no one learn from them?”

McCain Admits U.S. Armed And Equipped Libya Rebelsm Calls For Same In Syria Conflict Video

Guns for buddies: US weapons sales surge overseas

Cocaine Inc.

U.S. Exploits Syrian Situation For Showdown With Russia
The Path to War with Iran

Take Action: Kill the ‘Kill List’

South Africa: What’s in a label?

Economic Karma in Greece?
If the Greeks with some effort and success will say No to austerity then Syriza and Tsipras might have a good handle on the Banks and the EU. The Banks are necessarily caught in the grip of fright. and their own contradictions — they may have to bail out Greece. If they don’t they bring on the big time wobble (a new investors dance). Tsipras understands the EU’s economic conditions – so he says Greece should stay in the EU and still use EU currency.

‘War on Women’ Increasingly Focused on Women of Color and Immigrants
Let’s Admit It: The US Is at War in Yemen, Too

Do Americans Approve Mass Murder?

The imperial agenda of the US’s ‘Africa Command’ marches on
“The less they see of us, the less they will dislike us.” So remarked Frederick Roberts, British general during the Anglo-Afghan war of 1878-80, ushering in a policy of co-opting Afghan leaders to control their people on the empire’s behalf. “Indirect rule”, as it was called, was long considered the linchpin of British imperial success, and huge swaths of that empire were conquered, not by British soldiers, but by soldiers recruited elsewhere in the empire. It was always hoped that the dirty work of imperial control could be conducted without

The new Obama doctrine: A six-point plan for global war

Obama’s Robotic Assassins
Back to Square One in Egypt?

How California’s GM Food Referendum May Change What America Eats
Last month, nearly 1 million signatures were delivered to county registrars throughout California calling for a referendum on the labeling of genetically engineered foods. If the measure, “The Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act”, which will be on the ballot in November, passes, California will become the first state in the nation to require that GM foods be labeled as such on the package.

Predator Nation
The Meaning of Occupy

America is Deluded by Its Drone-Warfare Propaganda

The School of the Americas, the CIA and the US-Condoned Cancer of Torture Continue to Spread in Latin America, Including Mexico

The latest Extinction Campaign against the Rohingyas of Burma

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