Monster storm Sandy marches west

FIFTY DEAD…and it’s NOT over: Obama’s grim warning as he prepares to visit scenes of hurricane ‘major disaster’ tomorrow

Monster storm Sandy marches west, leaving death, chaos in its wake

Tanker washed up, homes razed to the ground and flooded streets littered with cars: Obama declares a ‘major disaster’ after Sandy turns New York into apocalyptic scene and death toll jumps to 39

Water, fire, destruction: NYC after the superstorm

Superstorm Sandy: ‘Major disaster’ in New York and New Jersey

At least 80 flooded houses destroyed by NYC fire

Hurricane Sandy leaves Cuba, Haiti struggling to recover
Even before Hurricane Sandy tore through Santiago de Cuba last week, a humble wood-frame church called San Pedrito was living on borrowed time with beams ravaged by termites and an ancient tin roof that let in the rain.

Hurricane Sandy: Haiti Crops Damaged, Food Price Increase Feared
As Hurricane Sandy barreled toward the U.S. East Coast on Monday, the full extent of the storm’s havoc on Haiti was just beginning to emerge.

Sandy gives Haiti more headaches
AT THE edge of disaster, a few days of rain can be lethal. On Monday, the scale of damage in Haiti from Hurricane Sandy became evident. Even though the storm’s centre skirted the country, more than 20 inches of rain fell on Haiti’s south and southwest over four days last week, causing at least 52 deaths, tearing out crops and destroying houses.

Hurricane Sandy 2012: Haiti Fears Death Toll May Rise
The Caribbean death toll from Hurricane Sandy rose again sharply on Saturday, even as the storm swirled away toward the U.S. East Coast. Officials said the hurricane system has cost at least 58 lives in addition to destroying or badly damaging thousands of homes.

Haiti in emergency aid plea as disaster piles upon disaster
Haiti reeling from impact of Hurricane Sandy, as latest disaster leaves 54 people dead and more than 200,000 homeless

Hurricane Sandy Decimates Cuban Coffee Crop
Hurricane Sandy decimated the Cuban coffee crop and delivered a major setback to renovation of old plantations when it ripped through the eastern part of the country late last week, according to scattered media reports.

Hurricane Sandy Ravages Cuba and Haiti En Route to US

Hurricane Sandy: Cuba’s Santiago Without Power, Water After Super Storm

Sandy leaves Cuba shattered

Netanyahu: A War on Iran Would Be Good for Arabs
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday tried to convince Arab states that an Israeli military strike on Iran would benefit their interests and that “a feeling of relief would spread across the region” immediately following an attack.

Israel Lobby Calls for an ‘Iranian Pearl Harbor’

Syria rebels, Kurdish militia discuss cease-fire
Syrian rebels and a Kurdish militia appear to be negotiating a cease-fire after clashes in the battle-scarred northern city of Aleppo on Saturday left at least 21 fighters dead and more than 100 people kidnapped.

Jordan’s jihadists drawn to Syria conflict

Syrian warplanes bombard rebels with 60 airstrikes

Prominent Saudi cleric urges Muslim youth against joining Syrian rebels

Bahrain Bans All Protests in New Crackdown
Bahrain, the tiny Persian Gulf kingdom that is home to the United States Fifth Fleet, has banned all rallies and demonstrations after months of protests by antigovernment demonstrators who have been pressing for a greater political voice there since the Arab Spring revolts began in early 2011.

Kuwait arrests opposition leader ahead of mass protest

Regardless of whether Obama or Romney wins, America’s relations with the Arab World will change
The Long View: Every reader of this article will be dead or of old age before the Arab “revolution” is complete. Palestinians are the only ones not to benefit from it

U.S. pushes Algeria to support military intervention in Mali
The United States joined France in a diplomatic lobbying campaign Monday to win key Algerian support for an emergency military intervention in northern Mali, where al-Qaeda-linked militants are waging a terror campaign that the Obama administration warns could threaten other nations.

MP demands US to deal with Iraq as sovereign nation
MP, for the Iraqiya free coalition, Aliah Nassif demanded the U.S. administration to deal with Iraq as a sovereign and an independent government not as a rival political forces.

Israeli Jets Bomb Sudan “Missile Site” in Dry Run for Iran attack

Sudan denies Iran link to Khartoum plant allegedly attacked by Israel
Amid reports of link between Yarmouk weapons plant and Iran, statement by Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, cited by AFP, accuses Israel of spreading ‘fabricated’ information.

Somalia’s General Farah killed in al-Shabab ambush
A top Somali military commander has been killed in an ambush – the first general to be killed by the Islamists.

How US drones forge as many foes as they kill
The enhanced use of unmanned attack planes is at the heart of American foreign policy

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