U.N. Votes To Give Palestinians ‘Non-Member Observer State’ Status

Scientists torn over Kenya’s recent GM food ban
Scientists fear that Kenya’s recent banning of the import of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) may be a significant blow to progress on biotechnology research and development in the country.

‘Tipping Point’: Obama Lawyer Talks About Ending ‘Endless’ US War
Though he defends its worst worst practices and won’t declare when ‘tipping point’ might be reached, comments by Pentagon attorney could spark renewed debate about timeframe of war against al Qaeda

UN general assembly makes resounding vote in favour of Palestinian statehood
Overwhelming majority votes to recognise Palestine as non-member state as US and Israel are left to condemn decision

U.N. Votes To Give Palestinians ‘Non-Member Observer State’ Status

Nine nations vote against Palestinian statehood upgrade at UN, including Israel, US and Canada

With UN vote, bipartisan Senate group threatens cutoff of US aid, closing of PLO office

The next stop for Palestinians could be global courts

65 years after rejecting partition plan, Palestinians celebrate Nov. 29 UN vote

Israel says U.N. vote won’t hasten Palestinian state
A U.N. General Assembly vote on Thursday recognising a Palestinian state will do nothing to make it a reality, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said.

Israel Authorizes Controversial New Settlements in Revenge for Palestine’s UN Bid
The location of the new settlements are intended to break the contiguity of Palestinian territory in the West Bank, negating two-state solution

Israel to build new Jewish settlement homes after UN Palestine vote
Binyamin Netanyahu’s plan for mass building on occupied terrorities seen as retaliation for recognition of Palestinian state

Syria Internet Cut as Battle Rages Near Damascus Airport

U.S. gives Iran until March to cooperate with IAEA
Comments by U.S. diplomat Robert Wood to IAEA board signaled Washington’s growing frustration at a lack of progress in the IAEA’s inquiry into possible military dimensions to Tehran’s nuclear program.

On Ehud Barak’s Way Out, Statements on Iran He Knows to Be Misleading
Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak says he’s retiring. But on his way out, he has determined to make hysterical statements about a war on Iran which are totally divorced from reality and which contradict previous statements he’s made regarding Iran’s nuclear program.

Judge Gives Bradley Manning Permission to Plead Guilty for WikiLeaks Dumps
A military judge in Maryland has accepted the terms under which alleged WikiLeaks leaker Bradley Manning has proposed to plead guilty.

Bradley Manning: how keeping himself sane was taken as proof of madness
WikiLeaks suspect’s attempts to exercise and stay occupied in bare cell only perpetuated harsh anti-suicide measures

African Union, in letter to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, asks for quick action on Mali

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