Venezuela halts communication with US

Venezuela halts communication with US
Venezuela’s foreign minister says the South American country has cut off all diplomatic contact with the United States because Washington is meddling in its domestic affairs.

CIA tech officer reveals agency’s plan to keep information ‘forever’
Just days after the CIA inked a $600-million cloud computing contract with Amazon, chief technology officer Gus Hunt admitted that the agency is trying to amass as much data as it can, hold it indefinitely and use it for analysis in the future.

Obama acknowledges Israel’s right of defense on Iran
President Barack Obama Wednesday accepted Israel would not cede its right to confront Iran’s nuclear threat to the United States, seeking to assuage anxiety over his commitment to the Jewish state.

Friction behind the smiles
Analysis: Obama’s visit will likely be hailed as a success, but disagreements on Iran nuke program, stalled peace process remain

Obama vows unwavering support for Israel
Renewing U.S. support for the difficult “work of generations,” President Barack Obama assured Israel on Wednesday that his administration would pursue an elusive Mideast peace that would allow residents of the Jewish state to live in peace and free from the threat of terror.

Iran will raze Tel Aviv to ground if Israel attacks: Ayatollah Khamenei

US plan calls for more scanning of private Web traffic, email

Pentagon Papers lawyer on Obama, secrecy and press freedoms: ‘worse than Nixon’
Career First Amendment and transparency advocate James Goodale sounds the alarm about the current president

Chemicals Would Be ‘Game Changer’ in Syria, Obama Says

Chemical Weapons Report a Ticket to Intervention?
Britain Embraces Syria Chemical Weapons Claims as Excuse to Arm Rebels

Congressional Hawks Claim Syria Chemical Attack ‘Probable,’ Demand Action
White House Promises Probe, But Intel Chiefs Want War

West delaying UN probe into Syria chemical attack: Russia
Russia has accused Western powers of attempting to delay a United Nations probe into the recent use of chemical weapons by foreign-backed militants in the Syrian city of Aleppo.

Russia must be ready to counter threat using military force – Rogozin
Military force is always in demand in the modern world, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said at the Military and Industrial Conference in Moscow on Wednesday.

When the government demands silence — the ugliness of the Patriot Act

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