Something’s Rotten in Boston

A Contender for Dumbest Statement Ever by Amnesty USA?
Amnesty USA called on the Venezuelan government to eliminate post-election violence. The small matter that the violence has been directed at government supporters was comically evaded.

Scores killed in Nigeria violence
Fighting between Boko Haram group and troops in Baga town in Borno state in nation’s northeast leaves at least 185 dead.

Boston bomb suspect charged; religious motive seen

Why is Boston ‘terrorism’ but not Aurora, Sandy Hook, Tucson and Columbine?
Can an act of violence be called ‘terrorism’ if the motive is unknown?

Complaint: Boston bombing suspect apparently shot in head, neck, legs and hand

New pictures show dozens of bullet holes in boat where police cornered ‘bomber’ as it’s revealed he was shot in the neck, head, legs and hand

The Constitution Applies to All Americans, No Matter What They Are Accused Of
The alleged perpetrators of the Boston Marathon bombing were found, and we now face a debate about whether the surviving suspect, a naturalized American citizen, will be read his Miranda rights or afforded the full protections guaranteed by the Constitution.

Denial of Boston Suspect’s Rights ‘Yet Another Erosion of the Constitution’
Civil liberties groups slam use of “public safety exception” to interrogate Tsarnaev without reading him his Miranda rights

Who’s investigating the FBI investigators?: Something’s Rotten in Boston
I’m not a conspiracy-minded person, but something definitely stinks about this whole Boston Marathon bombing story.

The Boston bombs roused a monster
An overreaction to the attacks could result in massive, self-important bodies wielding excessive powers and hounding the wrong people

Drone Strikes and the Boston Marathon Bombing
The more we learn about the Boston Marathon bombing, the more reason there is to doubt the wisdom of Obama’s drone-heavy approach to fighting terrorism.

US Admits 16 Guantanamo Detainees Being Force-Fed
Army Lt. Col. Samuel House says nearly half of prisoners on hunger strike

Civil Society Raises Pressure Over Nuclear Arms Treaty

Boston Marathon suspect’s injuries hinder FBI investigation
Surviving suspect’s injuries prevent him from communicating effectively as FBI faces scrutiny over contact with Tamerlan Tsarnaev in 2011

US steps up regime change bid on Iran
American secretary of offence Chuck Hagel kicked off his Middle East tour this week with outrageous warmongering threats towards Iran, while at the same time giving a license for more state terrorism from Washington’s Israeli rogue regime.

If you Want to go to Heaven, You had Better get Busy Overthrowing Syria
The United States government has been at war for eleven years. The US military destroyed Iraq, leaving the country and millions of lives in ruins and releasing sectarian blood-letting that had been kept in check by the secular Saddam Hussein government. On any given day in “liberated” Iraq, the death toll is as high as during the height of the US attempted occupation.

Rebels urged to halt to cross-border attacks on Lebanon
Human Rights Watch has urged Syrian rebels to stop indiscriminate attacks on residential areas in Lebanon.

German FM stands by refusal to send arms to Syria
Germany’s foreign minister says his country won’t send weapons to Syria’s opposition even if other European nations let an EU embargo on arms deliveries expire.

EU governments ease Syria oil sanctions to help rebels
European Union governments agreed on Monday to ease sanctions on Syria to allow for purchases of crude from the opposition, in hopes of throwing a financial lifeline to rebels fighting President Bashar al-Assad.

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