Over 100 killed in Bangladesh building collapse

Over 100 killed in Bangladesh building collapse
The Rana Plaza in Savar on the outskirts of Dhaka, collapsed at about 9 am (local time) with rescue work being carried out to pull out survivors from the rubble.

Matalan supplier among manufacturers in Bangladesh building collapse
Manufacturer housed in building that collapsed – killing at least 76 – previously supplied discount fashion chain

Taiwan confirms first H7N9 bird flu case outside China

WHO says new bird strain is “one of most lethal” flu viruses

Noam Chomsky On Hugo Chavez’s Death and Legacy

WikiLeaks wins case against Visa contractor ordered to pay ‘$204k per month if blockade not lifted’

Nicolas Maduro Did Not Steal the Venezuelan Election
Ch├ívez knew, and Kerry will never learn, that democracy requires more than a complete count – it requires complete courage.

US Cluster Munitions: 277 Million Boston Bombings
The horror of Boston should be a reminder that the choice of weaponry can be in itself an act of evil. “Boston Bombs Were Loaded to Maim” is the way The New York Times defined the hideousness of the weapons used, and President Obama made clear that “anytime bombs are used to target innocent civilians, it is an act of terror.” But are we as a society prepared to be judged by that standard?

Heartbreak as police ‘find body of missing college student FALSELY accused of being the Boston Marathon bomber by internet ‘sleuths’

What If the Tsarnaevs’ Motive Was Revenge for U.S. Foreign Policy?
On the day of the Boston Marathon bombings, President Obama stood in the White House briefing room and said, “We will find out who did this; we’ll find out why they did this.”

Boston bombing suspect cites U.S. wars as motivation, officials say

The wrong kind of Caucasian
Despite the Boston bombers having little to do with Chechnya, the media were quick to demonise an entire ethnicity.

Why the Justice Department’s charge against the Boston bomber is ridiculous

Boston Bombing: The Official Story Proves Dzhokhar Is Innocent
If you believe the official story of what happened on April 15th at the finish-line of the Boston Marathon, then you have to know that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is innocent of the charges leveled against him. You cannot avoid it.

Chicago-area teen latest snared in website traps
It had the trappings of an actual extremist website: Photos of gun-toting fighters and a flowery exhortation to, “Come and join your lion brothers … fighting under the true banner of Islam.”

Jonathan Kay: Every time a bomb goes off, the surveillance state grows stronger

The Same Motive for Anti-US ‘Terrorism’ is Cited Over and Over
Ignoring the role played by US actions is dangerously self-flattering and self-delusional

Report: Deadly Human-Made ‘Cocktail’ Threatening World’s Pollinators
Decline of ‘unsung heroes’ will have drastic impacts on world’s ecosystems, food supply

Hundreds of Europeans fighting in Syria, says EU expert
The EU’s anti-terror chief has told the BBC that hundreds of Europeans are now fighting with rebel forces in Syria against Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

Syria chemical weapons claim unproven: US
AN Israeli allegation that Syrian forces had used chemical weapons against rebel fighters has surprised US officials, as inside the country rebels battled regime and Hezbollah forces.

Qatar faces backlash among rebel groups in Syria

Protest Clashes and Random Attacks Leave 111 Killed, 233 Wounded Across Iraq

Canada alleges Al Qaeda plot from Iran, but Tehran’s involvement unlikely
Shiite Iran and Sunni Al Qaeda have long had a hostile relationship. While state involvement appears unlikely, Tehran has less control over the country’s far east.

How the West Missed a Chance to Make Peace With Iran
Peter Oborne shows how the West turned down a precious opportunity to resolve the Iranian nuclear crisis eight years ago, and argues that it is western rather than Iranian intransigence that prevents a deal being struck today.

More female servicemembers reporting sexual abuse
Abuse rate appears significantly higher than similar survey findings in 2008.

Canada train ‘al-Qaeda plot’ suspects challenge case
Two suspects in an alleged al-Qaeda-backed plot to derail a Canadian passenger train have challenged the case against them.

Farea Al-Muslimi, a Yemeni youth activist and writer, testified today at a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Human Rights chaired by Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) on the moral, legal and constitutional issues surrounding targeted killings and the use of drones.

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