After 17 days survivor emerges from Dhaka factory rubble

Hold the front page! We need free media not an Order of Mates
In Australia, hard-won rights are being buried beneath corporate might.

Alive after 17 days: Survivor emerges against all odds from Dhaka factory rubble
Rescuers free a woman as the latest death toll reaches above 1,000

State Department orders firm to remove 3D-printed guns web blueprints
Defense Distributed tweeted on Thursday that ‘Liberator’ project had ‘gone dark’ at the request of government officials

Blueprints for 3D-plastic gun downloaded 100,000 times in 2 days before the State Department orders the site to take down the weapon designs

Attack by ethnic militia kills at least 20 Nigeria police officers in central region
An ethnic militia killed at least 20 police officers who launched a raid to try and arrest them in central Nigeria, a police commissioner said Wednesday.

S.Sudan rebels seize army base, many killed
The rebels, led by David Yau Yau and known as the South Sudan Democratic Army (SSDA), say they want to end corruption and the one-party system led by the Sudan Liberation People’s Movement.

The west and its allies cynically bleed Syria to weaken Iran
If western politicians were really interested in saving lives, they would use their leverage to negotiate a settlement

What the US Media Won’t Tell You About the “Good” Syrian Rebels
US media and prominent politicians are talking about arming the opposition, but dynamics on the ground betray rampant over-simplifications

Jabhat al-Nusra Behind “Chemical Weapons” Attacks?

Russians, U.S. agree to Syria talks
…but anti-Assad opposition may refuse to participate

Former SNC chief says Islamic hardliners should be included
For Western states mulling over arming Syrian rebel forces, the possibility of advanced weapons ending up in Al Qaeda’s hands, and later being used against Western or civilian targets, has been a major sticking point.

Robert Fisk: The Syrian Government Is Winning
Fisk discusses his reaction to what he calls President Obama’s “pitiful” backing of the recent Israeli missile strikes.

The wrong ‘red line’
There have been sketchy reports that Syria did make some use of chemical weapons, as well as allegations that the reported use was “a false flag” operation, designed to call Obama’s bluff. As the New York Times notes in a front page story on May 7, Obama “finds himself in a geopolitical box, his credibility at stake with frustratingly few good option”.

Indefinite Enemies and the Inhumanity of Our ‘War on Terror’
You’re strapped to a metal table, unable to move. They stick a two-foot plastic tube up your nose, then down the back of your throat into your stomach. They squirt in the liquid protein. You gag, bleed, vomit. It’s unbearably painful.
The practice of involuntary force-feeding is condemned by most medical organizations, including the AMA. It’s banned by most governments. It’s torture.

Outcry over Guantanamo grows, as does hunger strike
Free them or put them on trial. Thus urges a petition to President Barack Obama over the prisoners held at Guantanamo, jailed and in limbo for more than a decade.

Gitmo is not an anomaly
Prisoners in the US are force-fed every day

Putin: Russia needs stronger defense against Afghan threats
President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday Russia must beef up its defenses in the south and work with Central Asian allies to protect itself and neighbors against the threat of extremist violence emerging from Afghanistan.

Everything You’ve Been Told About Radicalization Is Wrong
Despite the rhetoric, scary YouTube videos don’t turn people into terrorists

Obama Drone War ‘Kill Chain’ Imposes Heavy Burden At Home
In the secretive U.S. war of armed drones, the kill chain runs through a highly classified, windowless brick building here.

Jordan’s Parliament agrees to expel Israel’s ambassador
Parliament unanimously voted that the Jordanian government demand that Israel’s ambassador in Amman leave the Kingdom in retaliation for Israeli measures against Al-Aqsa Mosque, Petra said.

Pit bulls kill jogger — police
Woman, 63, was running in rural Los Angeles when dogs attacked and mauled her to death, witness and police say

Officials search for 4 pit bulls believed to have killed woman
The 63-year-old woman is mauled while on her morning walk in the Antelope Valley community of Littlerock. A $25,000 reward is offered for information leading to the dogs’ capture.

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