Buying Time in Syria

Venezuela’s President Maduro Assures Food Shortages Are Due to “Economic Warfare”

The New York Times on Venezuela and Honduras: A Case of Journalistic Misconduct

19 wounded in Mother’s Day second line shooting
New Orleans police say at least 19 people either attending or taking part in a Mother’s Day second-line parade in the 7th Ward were wounded in a shooting.

Mother’s Day Parade horror: Nineteen people – including two young children – are shot in New Orleans as three gunmen open fire in broad daylight during street festivities

Will Pakistan finally stand up against illegal US drone attacks?
The Peshawar high court has delivered a damning verdict on the strikes. Pakistan must now move towards protecting the security of its citizens

Buying Time in Syria
The Syrian Army’s Success on the ground. Covert Proxy Strategy has come to an almost Standstill

Turkey: 9 arrested in car bombings that left 46 dead
Nine Turkish citizens believed to have links to the Syrian intelligence agency have been detained in connection with twin car bombings that shattered a Turkish border town, officials said Sunday, as Syria rejected allegations it was behind one of the deadliest attacks in Turkey in years.

Turkey says world must act against Syria after bombings

Turkey says it won’t be drawn into Syria conflict

All nine detained over Turkey car bombs are Turkish: deputy PM

Deadly Bombs Spark Protests In Turkish Border City
Several hundred people, mostly leftist and nationalist demonstrators, marched through the center of the city no more than 50 km (30 miles) from the Syrian frontier, carrying banners and shouting anti-government slogans while onlookers cheered.

UK denies Pentagon claim Britain in ‘no rush’ to free Guantánamo inmate
UK Secretary of Defence tells Guardian government is actively pursuing the release of Shaker Aamer, who is on hunger strike

Consequences of western intransigence in nuclear diplomacy with Iran
As long as Washington refuses to recognise Iran’s right to enrich, no substantial agreement will be possible.

Seven killed, 68 injured in Quetta suicide bombing
QUETTA: The police chief of restive southwestern province of Balochistan narrowly escaped a suicide attack Sunday that killed at least seven people and wounded 68 others, officials said.

Afghans Say an American Tortured Civilians
The authorities in Afghanistan are seeking the arrest on murder and torture charges of a man they say is an American and part of a Special Forces unit operating in Wardak Province, three Afghan officials have confirmed.

Dirty Wars, Filthy Hands: 5 Unsavory Ways America Conducts Its Global War on Terror
America’s allies are terrorists, warlords, and corrupt officials, plied with bounty payments and quid-pro-quo assassinations.

Two more police stations bombed in Libya’s Benghazi

Some 800,000 people to need food aid in Niger: UN
Some 800,000 people will require food aid in Niger in the coming months despite a good harvest last year due to problems supplying cereals to markets, which have pushed up prices, and an influx of Malian refugees, the United Nations said.

Growing Anger Over American Drones in Yemen
“Mrs. Michele Obama: Tell us can your husband sleep after so many innocent people were killed by his drones?” read a banner held by a Yemeni activist at a recent rally to protest increasing American drone strikes in Yemen.

Rule Britannia for global crimes
The London government has at long last been forced into recognizing compensation payments for as many as 50,000 Kenyan nationals who were victims of torture and other crimes against humanity during that country’s independence struggle in the 1950s.

Ronald Reagan: Accessory to Genocide
Exclusive: More than any recent U.S. president, Ronald Reagan has been lavished with honors, including his name attached to Washington’s National Airport. But the conviction of Reagan’s old ally, ex-Guatemalan dictator Rios Montt, for genocide means “Ronnie” must face history’s judgment as an accessory to the crime, reports Robert Parry.

Mystery virus death toll hits 15 in Saudi Arabia

New coronavirus can spread between humans, says WHO official
World Health Organisation expert plays down fears of pandemic, saying prolonged contact is needed to transmit disease

IRS IG Report: Targeting Conservatives Began In 2010

IRS scrutiny went beyond Tea Party, targeting of conservative groups broader than thought

Did David Plouffe Justify IRS Targeting Conservatives?
Obama adviser says he was addressing impact of ‘dumb’ actions, but tweet is likely to fan flames.

Wider Problems Found at IRS
Probe Says Tax Agency Used Sweeping Criteria to Scrutinize Conservative Groups

Soledad O’Brien: ‘OK, white person, this is a conversation you clearly are uncomfortable with’
Soledad O’Brien, recently yanked from her morning show “Starting Point” on CNN, plans to continue her focus on racial issues and is charging that whites are afraid of dealing with the nation’s black-white division.

UN says: why not eat more insects?

So It Goes: Enron Perp Will Get Out of Jail (Almost) Free By Buying Himself Out

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